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Advantage of Website

Authroritative Positon
More than ten years’ experience, extensive industrial information and plent of clients make Agronet.Com a leader among commercial websites in China.
Bilingual Platform
The only agricultural commercial website in China which can help you to explore overseas market.
Industry Segementation
According to the characteristics of agriculture, we divide planting, breeding and equipments into vegetable, field crop, horticulture, tea, fruit, medicinal materials, pasturage, aquatic product, pesticide and feed, greenhouse and irrigation.
Diversified Forms of Transmission
Popularize by network service, magazine and professinal conference.
High Number of Visits
The visits per day is about 300,000, the highest day can be about 350,000.
We promote the interactive development of network and agriculture and is concerned and reported by People’s Daily, China Youth, Southern Weekly, economic information daily, Zhejiang Daily and Sina and Sohu.

1、 Website Construction: We have a professioanal team that always endeavoring to do still better, their works with distinctive characteristics.
2、Online Ads: our website leave golden position for advertisement to publicize your company and products.
3、Information Release: You can release information about buying and supplying products, cooperation, news, profile online which can be found on Google.
4、Independent Online Shop: You can own online shop under the name of
5、Global Agricultural Advertisement Alliance: Through our advertisement service you can link your site with other agricultural websites to extensice your reputarion.
6、Special Service: Depend on your own requirement。